About the Artist

Growing up in the northern end of the Byron Shire, Sharni Montgomery spent a large portion of her life playing amongst our beaches and waterways as is the way of life in small seaside towns.
Sharni's artistic expression takes form in the mesmerizing world of ocean beachscape art, a genre that captivates the essence of coastal beauty and the profound connections we hold with these enchanting places.
Drawing inspiration from the coastal landscapes that surround her, Sharni's artwork is a celebration of local coastlines, showcasing their unique charm and the deep emotional connections they evoke. Pockets of glistening refracted water to layers of dune grown trees each section tells a story of tranquility and serenity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the soothing ambiance of her creations.
Through her work she has the ability to transport us back to cherished memories and nostalgic attachments we hold for these coastal paradises. Her art serves as a visual diary, capturing the essence of places we've visited and loved, inviting us to revisit those moments of joy, serenity, and introspection.